Liverpool not for sale

Fenway Sports Group (FSG) the owners of Liverpool have said that for the time-being the club is not for sale, though an injection of new investment could be considered.

The Athletic is reporting that back in November 2022, FSG considered selling the club and discussed options with J P Morgan and Goldman Sachs. The outcome appears to be that now is not the time, possibly due to the significant interest generated by a likely Manchester United sale distracting any serious buyers: the number of potential buyers of a Premier League club is small due to the vast amounts current owners expect to sell for.

FSG reckon the price of a total Liverpool sale to be around £4 billion, compared to the £2.5 billion paid for Chelsea and the likely £7 billion to £8 billion for Manchester United.

So for now FSG may well look for a minority investment to help with new player recruitment to help keep pace with Manchester City and a revitalised Manchester United.

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